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Admission Process

Admission Policies and Procedures

Pregnant women are eligible to apply to the Living Vine regardless of age, race, religion, or national origin. 
To request an interview and a tour of the home, please call the office at (912) 352-9998, Monday through Friday, 9am–3pm.  

The Admission Process

Each applicant is required to have a personal interview. Phone interviews can be arranged for those who are out of town.

Applicants must meet admission requirements.

The Living Vine submits to the standards of the state of Georgia licensing requirements.

We are not a shelter or a lock-down facility.  

No resident can be placed at the Vine against her will.


Requirements for Entrance

●    A TB test, a VDRL, a CBC, and a vaginal smear administered by a physician or health department. The test must be administered no more than two weeks prior to placement or a letter from physician that these tests can not be performed at this time with the previous test results. We are not allowed to admit new residents without these papers.

●    An appointment with the staff to review the guidelines and take a tour of the home.

●    The medical records from a complete OB examination are required, as well as a proof of pregnancy.

●    A copy of your birth certificate and your Social Security Card. These will not be returned. Please do not send the originals.

●    An official picture ID (a driver’s license is permitted).

●    All school age residents must provide a report card and/or a withdrawal letter from the last school attended.

●    Must be on Medicaid or any other insurance plan to cover medical charges upon admission to The Living Vine. Out of state Medicaid service must be canceled before entrance to the Vine.

●    If you have had a dentist appointment within the last six months, we need a copy of those records.

●    If you have had an eye doctor appointment within the last twelve months, we need a copy of those records.

●    All applicants 18 years old and above are required to have a background check before entrance into program.

●    Bring only clothing listed on the resident personal sheet. There is not enough storage space for other things, but a small closet and dresser will be provided in which to keep your personal belongings.

Once all paperwork is turned in, approved, and there is availability for resident move in, a COVID-19 test will be requested prior to entering the home (any tests completed over 2 weeks will not be accepted and will need to be taken again) .

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