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Running a successful business means making some tough choices. But when it comes to the not-for-profit organizations that inspire you- The Meridian Foundation believes you should never have to say no.

That is why we created Sharing The Credit as a way for your business to support the Living Vine without adding to your budget or your schedule. With this incredibly easy program, you can now put a portion of the funds you are already spending in merchant service fees to good use in your community.

With our Sharing The Credit program, we take a percentage of your fees (a part that normally goes to fund some financial institution) and we give it instead to this worthwhile charity you love so much. Don't fund the banks, fund your charity.

Please fill out the short form to right and one of Sharing The Credit's friendly and helpful staff will be in contact with you to discuss the program in more detail and get you started in Sharing The Credit with us.

Thank you for your support.

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